Born near Paris, Marion grew up with a crush for Fashion, Art and Dance.
Yet it was as a Telecom Engineer that she began her career.
12 years later, caught up in her passions, she embarked on an MBA at the Institut Français de la Mode.
After graduating, she left the world of telecoms for the fashion press and then fashion film production.
Alongside her new professional experiences, she developed a fascination for Image.
Brands soon commissioned her.
For the past 15 years, she has been a fashion, lifestyle and portrait photographer.

Marion Leflour works with lines & mouvement, those of bodies, landscapes and objects, as if they were future stories where light is everything.

« Photography is a playground with no bounds. A space where you can freely express your vision, capturing the essence of things and people without constraints or limitations.
It allows me to explore emotions, stories, and perspectives, creating a unique and deeply personal connection between me as a photographer and my subject.
The only limit is my imagination and vision. »